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Company Profile

Alistithmar for Financial Securities and Brokerage Company (Alistithmar Capital) is a Saudi closed joint stock company with a paid up capital of SR 250 Million, 100% owned subsidiary of The Saudi Investment Bank.

Alistithmar Capital was granted its initial license by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) on 16/05/1428(H) corresponding to 2nd of June 2007(G) (License No. 07061-15), Formally established and registered by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 08/07/1428(H) corresponding to 22nd of July 2007(G) (Commercial Registration number: 1010235995). The Commencement date of the company business was on 22/12/1428(H) corresponding to 1st January 2008(G).

The date of obtaining the revised license was on 27/10/1432(H) corresponding to 25th of September 2011(G) (License No. 11156-37), after Alistithmar Capital acquired on SAIB BNP Paribas Asset Management

Alistithmar Capital is offering its services in following areas:

  1. Dealing as Principle, Agent and Underwriter
  2. Managing Investment Funds
  3. Managing Discretionary Portfolios
  4. Arranging
  5. Advisory
  6. Custody